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About us

Vorma GmbH is a subsidiary company of MDP Meili AG and is based in Ramsen (Switzerland).

Vorma GmbH sells high quality Swiss-made products at fair prices which are produced using high-precision CNC tool machines at MDP Meili AG.

Vorma Mitarbeiter

The focus is on the exclusive Vorma machine lights. They have been specially developed and produced by MDP Meili AG.

The purchase of a new tooling machine was the trigger for the company producing its own machine lamps. The machine supplied (upper price category) was advertised and fitted with a "TOP LED" light. However this proved to be very weak (low illumination). After approx. 3 months, the light was full of water and ready to be scrapped.

The lights produced in-house proved to have a high performance and impressed the workers working on the machines. The decision was therefore taken to launch the lights onto the market.

They impress with their robust aluminium casing, high LED lifespan (up to 50,000 hours) and long-term spare parts guarantee.

The lighting range from Vorma GmbH now consistes of a VLED range of various dimensions, workplace mountable lights and high performance Quatt ceiling lights for industrial halls.

Take a look at our website and be impressed by the high performance Vorma lights!